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Posted By on March 9, 2016 in In the Publishing | 0 comments

I know I released this cover on facebook last week, but I realized I need an official cover reveal on my website! I didn’t realize until we were already in the middle that I asked for very difficult cover design. But once we (my awesome web/book designer and I) had the vision, we had to make it a reality. So here it is…the long awaited cover of THE CONVERGENCE!!!


EEEEKKKK!!! Isn’t it awesome? I think is was absolutely worth the wait and I’ll be totally willing to let this book be judged by the cover. 😉 My idea for using water for the cover came from this quote by Bruce Lee:

Stan Lee

I think Bruce Lee was just plain awesome and read a lot about his philosophies before writing the book so it seemed fitting to have a cover inspired by his words. And now the cover is done, that means….YES, next up is a release date!! I should get my proof in the mail any day and then I will set a release date! Yes, my patient friends, this is really, finally happening!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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