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Posted By on May 22, 2015 in In the Book | 0 comments

Since my anniversary was yesterday (11 years!!), I think love would be a fitting topic for today’s post. Mostly I want to talk about why romance is so prevalent in media. Really I can think of very few books or movies I like that don’t have at least a small, background romance. Why all the love?

There are probably a million answers to this question, but I’m going to settle for one. This reason is why I put a romantic relationship in my book. I’m sure it motivates other romantic scenarios too. So what is it? The simple answer is to deepen the main character. The more in depth answer is threefold: Compatibility with certain ‘types’ of people displays a side of our personality. Love makes us vulnerable and vulnerability is something we all can relate and respond to. And finally, great love makes us powerful and we want strong main characters.

Alright. So this all sounds nice, but I’m sure you want some specifics and I’ll happily oblige! Desiree (the main character in THE CONVERGENCE) has an interest in Blake. This interest shows that she likes someone who challenges her—so Desiree likes a challenge. Her interest in Blake leads her to be vulnerable which is nice to have in such a strong character. And last, but most definitely not least, Desiree’s relationship with Blake gives her more confidence and the strength to sacrifice. All in all, I wouldn’t describe THE CONVERGENCE as a love story. Love isn’t the driving force behind the story….BUT it is one of the forces that drives Desiree. And just as I can’t imagine my life without the relationship between my husband and I, I couldn’t imagine Desiree’s story without a little love.

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