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July 4th

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*I actually wrote and posted this a year ago when my blog was still pretty new. Since most of you didn’t see it, I’m going to repost. Hope you enjoy!!!*

People say American’s problem is a sense of entitlement. I don’t think that this is true. It’s not that we feel entitled, it’s what we feel entitled to. We feel entitled to a nation that will provide for us. To a government who will make the tough decisions for us. To lifestyles we can’t afford. To absolute, unbiased fairness. To a right to force our feelings and opinions on others. As a whole, we too often feel entitled to a respect that hasn’t been earned.

This isn’t what America is about. BUT we are entitled. We are entitled to a country founded on values (yes, this includes God) and a right to accept or reject these values. Entitled to disagree without being accused of prejudice. Entitled to improve ourselves—to build a better version of ourselves and find redemption from mistakes. We are entitled with the opportunity, even the expectation to rise above our stations. To work harder and be smarter and to pass our integrity on to our children.

Our sense of entitlement is the problem and the solution. Those willing to grab hold of the blessing of opportunity and sweat to better themselves make our country. Those waiting idly for unearned rights degrade it.

Here, in America, potential is unrestricted. We’re entitled to, enabled with, and expected for greatness. So this year, on our Independence Day, I’m going to celebrate the gift of entitlement and the freedom to use it as I see fit. I’m going to look at my children and rejoice in the fact that they can have more and be more than I’ve ever been when they accept their ‘American entitlement’ as an opportunity not a handout.

This is a blessed country and it’s time we embrace it and ourselves in all our greatness and glory.

Happy fourth of July, my friends!!!! God bless!

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