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New Characters-Meet Andrea and Petr Makovsky

Posted By on July 10, 2017 in In The Writing | 0 comments

Too much summer fun has put me a little behind, so today we’re doubling up our character introductions!

Name/Age: Petr Makovsky, mid-50’s and Andrea Makovsky, mid-40’s

Occupation: Czech leaders. Part of the Conclave.

Abilities: Petr and Andrea are both standard converters, unable to externally convert. They also have the annoying ability to see more in Desiree than she sees in herself..and expect more.

Desiree’s take…Petr: “His voice is Slavically accented, drawing out the vowels in Blake’s name and emphasizing the consonants. A strand of jaw-length hair falls across his deeply lined cheeks, outlining a long face. I would guess him to be around fifty.

Andrea: “Her voice places her from the same area as the man. She’s beautiful in an approachable way, with dark brown hair framing a classic face. She doesn’t smile, but everything about her seems open, trustworthy. Unlike her tense companion.”

Trivia: I originally planned for them to have an even larger part in the story, but it just didn’t work. Instead they have a small amount of appearances, but a large influence.

Inspiration: I wanted more international characters in this book and wanted them to be intimidating. And Andrea was greatly inspired by Stana Katic from Castle.

Character Challenge: Ah, the accents!!! I hesitated including character’s with accents because they are so hard to write, but (once again) wanted more international characters. So, I tackled trying to write character’s with an accent…but I’m not sure I’ll even take on that fight ever again!

And that’s the last of our new characters! Friday I’ll post the sneak peak of The Conclave and then on Monday the blog tour begins! Less than two weeks until release day!!!!


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