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One Week Away!! My review of The Keep

Posted By on November 5, 2016 in In the Book | 0 comments

This feels pretty surreal, my friends. I have written two books and, as of next week, will have two books available for purchase. TWO! This is crazy, right?!! I am really, really pumped for getting your feelings on The Keep (which you can go and pre-order on Amazon. Got it? Awesome.) Now, to get you as pumped for this as I am, I’m going to leave you my review of The Keep. WARNING: This review will be very tongue-in-cheek, narcissistic fluff. So, take it all with a grain of salt and then read it for yourself IN ONE WEEK!!


This is one of the best, if not the best, sequels I have ever written read! Desiree is slightly broken and lost after the events of book one, but before she has the opportunity to heal, her world is again thrown upside down. There are threats reborn and all new dangers found. Blake is back (can I hear a hallelujah?) and is better than ever. Denny is a main character here and steals the show every time he opens his mouth (which is often).

I Berezay keeps the intensity going from the start. This is no window read, my friends. There is heartache, impossible choices, and loss. Despite everything, Desiree stays strong with a relentless undercurrent of hope. But sometimes you just want to smack the girl because she’s all about doing the right thing. (Just grab a hold of your happily ever after, woman! But then we wouldn’t need our book three, which I’m writing the author is writing right now.) Also, The Keep introduces some great new character’s. Most notably, a likable villain who brings out Desiree’s snark and an ex-girlfriend of Blake’s who would be more fit for life as an assassin. They are all great.

All in all, I would say this book was more. More intensity. More drama. More work. More pain. More angst. More editing. More excitement. More humor. More time. More sci-fi. I would recommend this one 100 percent. In fact, I demand you buy it. Here’s the link again! The Keep on Amazon. Go, buy, and wait. For seven…more…days. 🙂

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