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Review Friday – Andy and Annie: A Ghost Story

Posted By on January 27, 2017 in In The Writing | 0 comments

My three kids all received Kindle’s from Santa so I’ve been searching for some e-books they might enjoy. My middle child is almost 8, and I picked this book for him. He isn’t an avid reader like my oldest, but reading on his Kindle is the coolest way to read–according to him. He really enjoyed this Middle Grade book, Andy and Annie by Jenni James.


Andy has just moved to a new house. He isn’t at all excited about the move, but when he see what looks like a mysterious girl in the window, he’s curious. He meets Annie (who is a ghost). Of course, he’s not too sure about this ghost, especially since no one else in his family can see her. The rest of the story follows the beginnings of their friendship.

I really appreciated the word choice in this book. So often with beginning chapter books, the chapters are short, but the words used are too difficult which makes reading frustrating for younger kids. Sure my son can sound out the words, but when it is every other word it gets old quick. James keeps the language easy and relate-able. The pictures are great too. My son would zoom in on them and study them pretty closely on his Kindle–so awesome (according to him).

The story is short (obviously) but brings to light some good lessons about how we treat people who are different and being understanding. I’m excited to watch Andy solve some of the problems encountered in his new school in the second book. My son wanted it downloaded as soon as his finished the first. If that’s not a glowing recommendation from a reluctant reader, I don’t know what is. As the main character is older (10), I think even my more advanced reader would enjoy this as a quick, afternoon read. Happy reading, my (younger) friends!

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