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Review Tuesday – First Light

Posted By on October 4, 2016 in In the Reading | 0 comments


I thought I had reviewed this here, but I guess I just posted a quick bit on Goodreads. To make it official and all that jazz, here’s my review on First Light by Michele Paige Holmes.


First of all, isn’t that cover beautiful? The best part is it really does give you a great impression of the book. And a correct impression. This book was a beautiful fairy tale with more depth and intrigue than usual and, best of all, a non-love-at-first-sight relationship.

This was really a fairy-tale mash up with touches of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. But the story really stood by itself. I forgot about the fairy tales it was mimicking as the story drew me in. The love story is really, really well done. It developed nicely and really did seem to be something powerful enough to break a curse.

This is a long read and if felt a little long, especially in the middle. I thought a lot of parts could have been shortened except for the ultimate battle at the end. It was over too quickly and was too easy for our hero and heroine. I wanted a little more of a struggle with the wicked queen.

Overall, this is a great retelling and you get a lot of book for the price. Oh, and I loved Hale (and secondary character)! His story is one I’m looking forward to reading in book two! He’s the perfect conflicted character. It’s going to be good, but first you have to read book one!! Happy reading, my friends!

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