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Review Tuesday – How I Met Your Brother

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Today’s book is a contemporary romance I had been seeing a lot of on Goodreads as part of the Power of the Matchmaker Series. I’ve read and enjoyed a few of Janette Rallison’s books before, so I was easily swayed to try How I Met Your Brother.


The main premise of this book is that Belle had a huge crush on this guy in college when her roommate and best friend stole him away. Now, years later, Belle is a hot fashion designer and her old roommate is getting a divorce leaving her an opportunity to snag her one, true love. Do I sound like I’m being dramatic. I am!! Belle’s scheme seems to call for it. The matchmaker pushes Belle to go to a resort, interrupt a family reunion, and claim her man. Instead of finding the brother, she finds his identical twin, Flynn, who is trying to patch up his brother’s marriage for his mother who is dying of cancer. Soooo…he impersonates his brother and the soap operish craziness continues.

I think you probably picked up on the fact that I did not love Belle. I did come to like her, but never really felt like she was justified in what she did. There were just a lot of get-over-yourself moments for me.

Flynn I understood more. Perhaps because he was the peacemaker of the family? I’m not sure. He was pretty stupid in places too, but he seemed more justified. Heck, he was trying to save his brother’s marriage. Which definitely needed help, though the brother was a bit of a piece of work himself.

Overall, I would say this book had some really great romantic comedy moments, but turned overly theatrical at times. If you like crazy, convoluted family dynamics, you’ll like this book. If you like a couple that seems destined to be together despite said craziness you’ll probably love it. Happy reading, my friends!

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