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Review Tuesday – King of the Friend Zone

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I was pushed to this book by all my Goodreads friends. They were all reviewing it with such glowing terms, I just had to give it a try. When I downloaded it, I realized I had read Sheralyn Pratt before and I’m glad I found another of her books, King of the Friend Zone.


For some reason, after reading the summary of this book, I was thinking that Esme was going to postpone the wedding and try to date Hunter and see if that worked. Well, I’m glad to say I was very off. Esme tries really hard to make her current relationship work and, even though I didn’t like Jon at all, I was glad to see her not just bail when things got hard. I also understood Jon. Esme and Hunter were inseparable and you really can’t blame a guy for wanting to be his woman’s best friend, not some other guy.

This book is really flushed out. The character’s are each unique and we understand their motives. I liked how the fix for Esme and Hunter wasn’t instantaneous. They really looked at themselves and each other then made sacrifices. When they finally decide to try to make it work, it’s perfect.

This book had some really great secondary characters and I’m excited to read more of their stories. This book is a part of the Power of the Matchmaker Series. I loved Pratt’s interpretation of the matchmaker and also the setting. By the time you finish, these characters feel like your friends and it’s sad to see them go. This book is everything you want in a contemporary romance. Thanks Goodreads for recommending this one! Happy reading!



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