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Review Tuesday – Moss Forest Orchid

Posted By on May 2, 2017 in In The Writing | 0 comments

It’s review time again! This week, I discovered I missed a new release from Shari L. Tapscott and so I snatched it right up. Moss Forest Orchid, as expected, was another great fantasy read.


This is the story of Lucia’s quest to find a Moss Forest orchid and redeem herself after losing her and her partner’s savings. Along the way she encounters pirates, dragons, and inconvenient feelings for her ex-partner.

Lucia is an adventuress and she epitomizes it. She’s spunky and tough, but she has this really soft, tender side. It’s fun to watch her fall into mishaps and keep fighting with optimism.

Sebastian is a more complex character. He comes from influence, but wants to make his own way in the world. He is always polished and proper, but willing to adventure across the world slaying monster toads and other dirty jobs. Tapscott writes from the first person tense so you don’t always get a really in-depth understanding of the male lead, but this is a series which means we’ll get to learn more about Sebastian and his motives and I’m really excited for that.

Our other male lead is Captain Avery Greybrow who is a cross between Flynn Rider and Jack Sparrow. What’s not to love? He’s interesting, devious, and…likable. He kinda seemed like a lucky guy who stumbled into an opportunity. I’m not sure how he saw it and took advantage as early as he did, but I loved that he did.

Another aspect that I loved was the fantasy world. The world is built without a lot of overt descriptions, but I felt like I could really picture it. Gremlins, dragons, eels, etc. were all believable in the story and added interest. This is a fun, light-hearted read and I’m look forward to reading the next in the series (out in June). Obviously, I recommend this one! Happy reading, my friends!


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