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Review Tuesday – Perception Series

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I hesitated to review this because it has been so long since I read it. But–because it is a triology I remember in spite of time and tons of other reads–I decided I should share it. This trilogy also has one of the best and most satisfying endings I’ve found in a series. Yet another reason why this book has stuck with me! The series is called the Perception Trilogy and was written by Lee Strauss. Be prepared, this one is pretty intense.


PERCEPTION: (A Sci-fi Mystery Dystopian Romance) (The Perception Trilogy Book 1) by [Strauss, Lee, Strauss, Elle]VOLITION: (A Sci-fi Mystery Dystopian Romance) (The Perception Trilogy Book 2) by [Strauss, Lee]CONTRITION: (A Sci-fi Mystery Dystopian Romance) (The Perception Trilogy Book 3) by [Strauss, Lee]

Perception is categorized as a Sci-Fi Mystery Dystopian Romance…and that about sums up all the major elements! We have a society that is crumbling due to climate change, wars, etc. We have technology that can genetically alter human beings giving them beauty and longer lives. We have a missing brother. And we have Noah and Zoe who fall in love. Zoe is genetically altered and lives a charmed life with the higher class society. Noah is a normal and is fighting against the genetic technology. They are thrown together when Zoe’s brother disappears and the government starts to crumble.

I didn’t like Zoe at first. To be fair, she is supposed to be a shallow snob. She does grow a lot throughout the series and in the end I did like her a lot. Still, to be honest, sometimes I though Noah deserved better.

Noah is a very strong personality both morally and religiously. I loved how he was fighting a battle not because he really thought he could win, but because he knew it was right.

This book has more layers than a lot of YA dystopian. It asks a lot of moral questions and really makes you think. Not because of hugely profound writing, but because of the interesting developments. For example, artificial intelligence, cyborg soldiers, mind clearing, corrupt politic parties, methods of protest.

From what I remember the relationship angst was overdone and book two seemed to drag in the middle, suffering from middle book-syndrome. There is also some love triangles introduced that I felt were completely unnecessary and unbelievable.

Overall this series is a win. You finish the book filling fulfilled and satisfied. With all the different problems the characters face it seems like there is something for everyone. I would recommend this for older teens because I think they could get more out of it. For YA Sci-Fi fans, this is a must read. Happy reading, my friends!!!


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