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Review Tuesday – The Dangers of Doing Good

Posted By on December 20, 2016 in In the Review | 0 comments


I love reading series where minor characters become major characters in another book. This isn’t easy to do while staying true to the first impressions of that character, but Rebecca Connelly does it wonderfully and her regency novel, The Dangers of Doing Good is just another example of her talent.


This book stars Duncan. He’s the gentle giant of the group. The quieter one (who I just might have overlooked in Connolly’s earlier novels). Here he’s the hero and he starts his heroics right away, attempting to save the girl. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go so well, as she runs away back to what is obviously an abusive brother. Duncan is left feeling helpless, but fate intervenes and he has a chance to save her again.

Annie is a great character. Suffering under the heavy abuse heaped on her by her brother, she manages to not only keep her sanity, but her sense of humor. She is caring despite everything that happens to her. I loved her understanding of people and ability to read them. She was a really interesting character.

Aunt Tibby and Marianne were great too. I appreciate the spunk of Tibby and liked watching Marianne’s value and ideals shift as she came to realize more about the world and herself. I’m hoping for more on her in another book.

My only critique would be the villain. I thought his motives could have been more fleshed out. Don’t get me wrong, he was creepy as all get out, but I wanted more reason as to why he was so consumed with Annie in particular.

This is a good one and probably the most swoony book I’ve read in awhile. (You’ve been warned). Happy reading, my friends!

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