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This is our newest corral inhabitant:


Cute, huh? After much deliberation we’ve named him Duke. He’s got attitude enough for two horses so don’t let his innocent looks fool you. His mom is Ruby (she’s my current favorite) and this blog is actually about her.

There are certain horses that just stand out in my mind. I think it’s because of the experiences I’ve shared with them. For example, in our hayday (see what I just did there?) Ruby and I:

*Kept all the men we worked with on their toes. (Being the minority on the ranch, us girls stick together).

*Rode all over a mountain for that last cow-calf pair only to find (after a long, hot, sweaty day) that there was a miscount so we were searching for…nothing.

*Coped with my sickness while out checking fence. (It was not pretty—I considered burying myself in the ice-crusted snow and waiting for the end).

*Survived the coldest day-ride ever—it took me two days to warm up and I’m not exaggerating. I wish I was, but no.

*Chased many a calf to the end of the earth only to turn around and chase them back again. Gooooood times.

*Walked right over the top of a rattling diamondback rattle snack. (Yeah, Ruby didn’t even notice, but my overworked heart and I most definitely did!).

*And last, but not least…Ruby and I kept my baby girl safe as I rode day after day while pregnant.

So even though Ruby is one of the crankiest horses you’ll ever meet, I still like her. A lot.

I’ve always liked the phrase ‘working with horses’. Because you do work with them. The good ones become your co-workers—someone you depend on to the finish the job. They work as hard as you do and most the time even harder. It’s the best kind of teamwork and I’m not ashamed to say that some of my best friends were/are horses. I guess this is why I decided to include horses in The Convergence—because they’re an adventure in and of themselves. I’ve been really blessed to be able to experience so many unforgettable moments with horses and wanted to share the bond.

My thanks go to Ruby and all the other horses I’ve loved for giving me such great writing material. (At least in this she was cooperative—for her pictures….not so much. Here are some more shots of the unhelpful duo):RubyandDuke2 RubyandDuke3 RubyandDuke4 Duke

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