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The Keep Release Announcement!!!

Posted By on August 19, 2016 in In the Publishing, In The Writing | 0 comments


The Keep is going to be released on November 12th!!! I am so, so, so very excited to get this book in your hands!!! Ah, it seems so far away, but getting this ready will keep me busy. Here’s my writing/pre-release day checklist:

Plotting: 100% DONE!

First Draft: 100% DONE!

Rewrite: 100% DONE!

Beta Readers: 100% DONE!

Re-plotting: 100% DONE!

Edit for Content: 100% DONE!

Cover: 100% DONE!

Edit for Flow: 100% DONE!

Edit for Grammar: 100% DONE!

Advanced Copies Ready: 100% DONE!

Promotional Stuff/Blog Tour Prep: (Thru 11/12)

Book Release: 11/12!!!!!!

Now you know the plan! Until then I’ll be counting down and attempting to contain my excitement!!!!!

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