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Witnessing Weakness

Posted By on August 9, 2015 in In the Book | 0 comments

“I’d wanted him here to help me stay strong…not to be a witness my weakness.” – Desiree in THE CONVERGENCE

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to be seen crying—or with any kind of weakness. Even when I’m sick I’m like “Leave me to die in peace!!” But I’ve finally come to realize that some weakness are okay to share (not sickness, keep that to yourselves people!).

Over time, I’ve learned to look to my husband and other family members for comfort and sympathy. They’re all nice people and are usually perfectly happy to humor me for awhile. What I’m trying (very badly) to say is that there is a balance between being strong and leaning on others. It’s hard to find that balance and, of course, my characters struggle with this. This meme focuses on that. On how sometimes we push away the people who can help us the most. We really shouldn’t be so afraid of our weaknesses and needing other people. This is what relationships are for: giving and receiving strength—so don’t be afraid to receive!

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