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If I Wasn’t a Writer

Posted By on August 8, 2014 in In The Writing | 3 comments

If I wasn’t a writer I wouldn’t…

This is my little list of things I would never do before I started writing. (I’m gonna bullet this one out.)

  • Eavesdrop on teenager’s conversations. (In my defense, I’m aging and there’s a lot of lingo I need to keep up on.)
  • Ruin movies for my husband. (If the plot doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t—no matter how epic the effects are.)
  • Find myself Googling ‘blood’. (Is this something serial killers would do?)
  • Have my son tell his dad, “Mom’s favorite hobby is writing and hanging out with me.” (By the by, I typically don’t do those two things at the same time.)
  • Catch myself thinking, “I wrote the coolest thing today.” (I’m still not sure if this makes me awesome or pathetic.)
  • Have a good excuse for all my reading. (It’s research. Really.)
  • Get offers for free babysitting (Leave your beta readers wanting your next chapter bad enough and they’ll do just about anything.)
  • Type with my eyes closed. (Sometimes the scene is just there and I can’t let it escape!)
  • Find inspiration everywhere! (Literally, everywhere.)


  1. Shalene August 14, 2014

    I love this list! I was totally laughing at the image of you googling ‘blood’ and what might come up. Now I’m tempted to try it myself! I’m also dying to know what part of the book required such interesting research.

    • Karlene August 15, 2014

      Sooo, if I try to become a writer – since it’s not in me – when I read I can use the excuse that I’m doing research? Love it!

    • Tenille August 26, 2014

      You should try it…very informative!

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