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Review Wednesday – Choices

Posted By on February 15, 2017 in In The Writing | 0 comments

Today I’m moving from Young Adult to New Adult for a review. I found this author through an author group I’m a part of. I don’t usually read New Adult, but wanted to give it a chance. The book is called Choices by Michelle Lynn.


Michaela is wealthy debutante-type, raised with those expectations. Become successful, marry wealth, etc. The story starts with her prepping to go into her first year of college and follows her through her journey to discover herself.

Michaela is a great character. She is pretty spoiled but somehow still very, very likeable. I loved watching her grow. I think that New Adult is assumed to be all about the college experience–the partying, the drinking, the rebellion. But this book really focused on Michaela really embracing adulthood. She learned what she wanted and how to stand up for herself. I wouldn’t even say this book focused on the romance, but the story was all character growth. There was romance, but it was centered around Micheala. The love interest really helped her in seeing situations and herself more clearly.

I do have to admit the pouty brother kind of got to me. I hated how he faced his problems with drinking and never really stepped up to support his sister like I wanted him to. But I think he comes back in other books, so maybe the growth is coming. There was also more sex than what I usually read which wasn’t unexpected with this being New Adult and most of the scenes were fade to black and innuendo. Overall, I enjoyed the story and will be picking up another by Lynn. And, right now, it’s part of a giveaway where you can win a free copy of this or some other great books! Happy reading, my friends!

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