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A Hiatus or 2

Posted By on December 27, 2018 in In The Writing | 0 comments

Obviously, I’ve been very closed off from my writing circle of friends and readers for a number of months and I wanted to post a little update. In truth, I’ve been pretty closed off to all forms of social media, starting about mid-year. Summer is what did it. Most everything can be blamed on summer. Summer, a new house-flip, and moving the family of five into a 25 foot trailer. Yes, summer is when the adventures in my life began to multiply. Now, I’m starting a new business, prepping to home school my three children, and planning for two years of nomadic living. It all leaves little time for online sociability…or any sociability for that matter. Though, I do aim for at least one 5-minute conversation a day (it’s the least I can do for my marriage).

My point? I’m failing at having any form of online presence and I’ve decided it’s okay. I AM still writing. I do have a novella written and revised and a whole new novel written as well. I WILL keep writing, just not many blogs and those I do write probably won’t be about writing, but about experiences traveling–little adventure updates. While I’m off the grid, I hope you, my amazing readers, will be patient with me. I hope that my experiences bring amazing plots and ideas. I hope in growing as a person and getting a wider world view, my writing will expand. I hope taking two years to focus on my kids before they start high school won’t set my writing career back. And, most of all, I hope to have many books written and ready to release when I get back!

Until then, here’s hoping the saying, “a change is as good as a rest” is true! If you have any questions about my traveling, homeschooling, or writing, I do still check my email occasionally and can be reached there. Happy 2019, my friends!

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