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A Mower Agent

Posted By on July 18, 2014 in In The Writing | 1 comment

As I was mowing my lawn today I realized my ideal literary agent would be like a lawn mower.

Huh? You say. Just hang with me here…

First of all, I don’t want a riding mower (an agent who does all the work). I expect to sweat.

However, I DO want a self-propelled agent. One who’s passionate about my book and eager to go.

Next, I’d like an agent who’ll cut the excess out of my book. Yes, I think my manuscript is fairly well trimmed, but I’d be an idiot to think it can’t use improvement…er, manicuring.

Last of all, I need an agent who’ll help my lawn (novel) flourish and thrive.

Shouldn’t be too hard to find right? 😉

Now it’s query, query, query time!

1 Comment

  1. Charmane August 16, 2014

    Love this analogy!

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