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Posted By on May 6, 2017 in In the Book, In the Publishing | 0 comments

My last three (or is it four?) blogs have been reviews. Obviously, I’m reading, but am I writing?

Well, yes. Kinda. I’m editing, promoting, discussing, working on blurbs–all the writing asides that come with being an author. Above all, I’m planning. So, what is this marvelous plan, you ask? It’s a schedule for the release of The Conclave. The final schedule.

It all stars with a cover reveal on the 25th of this month. (Yes, it’s that soon!!) The Convergence and The Keep will be free this day in celebration. Then, I’ll be releasing a blog every week to introduce a new character from the final book…and maybe remind you of some of the original ones.

In the beginning of June, ARC’s will go out and the book will be made available for pre-order. On June 21st (one month pre-release), I’ll release a sneak peek here.

In July the real excitement begins! Since this is the final book in a series, I’m arranging my own little blog tour for it. The tour will be July 17th thru the 21st and will highlight some blogs I love and their thoughts on the series.

***Then, on July 21st, The Conclave will be released!!***

Ahh!! And Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I’m sad for my ending with these characters, but excited to share it! There are a lot of other things happening between now and then, like giveaways and other promos, but I will let you know as they arrive. For now, mark your calendars for July 21st, because the final chapter in the story will be told!

Now, excuse me while I go cry tears of joy (and a few of sadness) in the corner. 😉

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