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Only five days left until The Convergence will be available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback versions)! On release day, I’ll post the link for you all. Right now, we’re working to get all the bugs out and website updates done. Once the book is out, I’ll only be posting updates on my website and author pages (one on Amazon and one on Facebook). Until then, you’ll be inundated with memes and news on my feed. πŸ™‚

There has been such an incredible amount of support and patience while you all waited for this book. Thank you all for the faith that I would, in fact, eventually give you something to read! I sincerely hope you enjoy The Convergence and ask for you to review it (even if you don’t love it, but merely like it πŸ˜‰ ). Just a simple review on Amazon does a ton in helping get the word out! For an incentive for reviews, I have a few book extras to post. Here’s how it will work, when The Convergence receives a certain amount of reviews I will post the following:

40 reviews – A deleted scene from The Convergence

60 reviews – Chapter One from Blake’s point of view

80 reviews – The Keep (Converters Book 2) 1st chapter preview

So read, write a review, tell your friends, have them write a review, and receive bonuses! And begin….in five days!

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