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New Characters – Meet Kerrill Ryker

Posted By on June 10, 2017 in In The Writing | 0 comments

Summer is here…and that means we’re moving closer to The Conclave‘s release and that I have another character introduction for you!!

Name/Age: Kerrill Ryker, 35

Occupation: Government agent…at least until he went rogue, setting a host of deadly skills loose.

Abilities: Ryker is a super-charged converter. Due to government experimentation, all of his emotions are turned to power.

Jian’s take: “Ryker is an animal. He can sense things. He can sense Blake’s pulse is higher. He can sense his awareness of someone in the area. He can feel the press of Blake’s heart. The neurons increased activity. The increased blood flow. The reek of adrenaline….Believe me, Ryker knows this is no regular fight.”

Trivia: Ryker was easy to name, somehow the villains always are (at least for me).

Inspiration: Ryker is my beta reader’s idea of an anti-Blake. Once they described him to me, I was determined to add him in.

Character Challenge: One of my beta readers thought Ryker shouldn’t talk, but I dismissed that idea right away….until–after writing the book–I realized he only had one line. And now he has none, but it difficult expressing the thoughts of a character who didn’t speak. Everything becomes conjecture, but that’s part of what makes him so creepy.

Next week’s character is Andrea Makovsky. And I promise some review catch-up…I have some summer reading for your lists!

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