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IT’S HERE! The Keep‘s Release Day!!! We finally made it!!!

https://i0.wp.com/img.pandawhale.com/43402-Minions-cheering-gif-OrI5.gif?resize=274%2C124      https://i0.wp.com/images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41HFSC%2BdsuL.jpg?resize=221%2C341&ssl=1

To celebrate (and because I love this), here’s a review for you:

“Takes us right back into the crazy, fast paced world of converting, with Desiree on the run after the shocking events of the first book. I was sucked into this captivating read from page one. Berezay creates a world of supernatural and does so with a huge dose of humor, action,romance and enough inner dialogue to leave you thinking about this book long after you finish the last page. This series is one of the best in its kind and I can’t wait for book three.-Mylissa’s Reviews and Book Thoughts

And let’s not forget a few of my favorite memes:




Want more? Go grab a copy (or two)!!! Happy Book Release Day, my friends!!!

(Now, I’m off to work on book three…there’s no rest for the trilogy 😉 )

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