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Review Tuesday – Clandestine (House of Oak Book 3)

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Oh, man. You guys are lucky I am writing this one for you. What I would really like to do is go and read this book again. Seriously. I liked Clandestine by Nichole Van that much.




Yes, this is book three in a series. Should you read books one and two. Yes. Why am I reviewing book three? Because. It. Is. Hilarious. I’m giggling just thinking about parts of this book right now.

For background, there’s a time portal from now to the Regency Era. In book one Marc’s sister gets sucked through and falls for a Regency dude. Book two is about Regency dude’s kid sister. Book three is about Marc. Marc is a super fit, handsome, d-list actor. His latest movie (a Sharknado type of thing) is not getting good reviews and then comes blackmail over the time portal. When he gets sucked through to Regency England things get awesome. Here’s a guy who doesn’t know how to stay quiet and blend in. Then he starts flirting with a ladies maid, who has secrets of her own. He pretends to be a peer and takes the name of…..Garth Vader. Yes, that’s Lord Vader to the people…I about died.

What (else) I liked:

Van’s character’s and relationships are so different with each novel. There is no cookie-cutter here. They are all very unique and even as they grow, they stay true to character.

The references to modern times and confusion it causes is classic. With all of Marc’s side comments that only a 21st Century person would understand, you constant feel like you’re sharing a joke with him.

The set-up. Van does a great job in revealing things at just the right time and setting up the plot.

There isn’t a set ‘bad’ guy. I loved this. There is a protagonist, but he’s more misguided than anything. (By the way, said protagonist becomes the main character in the forth book. Imagine Mr. Darcy accidentally transported to our time. It’s very entertaining as well).

What I didn’t like:

For some reason, it took me a couple of chapters to get into this. Maybe because Marc is talking about his movie, specific websites, a blogger, an actress from his past, there are just a whole lot of names being thrown around. Then he’s thinking over his life and choices. It’s a lot at once and I wasn’t even sure I liked this character yet.

The ladies maid’s relationship with her brother. She’s ultimately trying to baby her brother to death. He’s a grown man, woman! Let him go! I just think that she went a little too far in the sisterly devotion to a brother that may have had a hard time fitting in, but was totally and completely mentally aware and able.

Other than that, there is nothing I can fault in this book. I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t read her other book yet. So why are you still reading this? Go and buy it!! I mean, there’s a reference to Princess Bride…need I say more?



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