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Review Tuesday – Fairchild

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Ah, Regency my old friend. We have circled back to you again for a review. This time it is Fairchild by Jaima Fixsen.


This book was really a gem. It’s the story of a girl who discovers her mother was the governess of a Lord. When her mother dies, she is sent to live with the family. In time she bonds with each of the members of the family and they become so fond of her they decide to give her a dowry and win her a husband. But, before her season she meets a man who understands her position in society more than she could ever imagine.

Sophy is a sweet character. She wins everyone over around her by her humility and grace. She struggles between appreciating all she’s been given and wanting the freedoms she grew up with. The two siblings she gains are great. I wasn’t sure about one of them, but they really won me over in the end.

Tom is a character with a lot of pain, but he copes with life in a positive way. And he’s the best son ever. For a young age he knows who he is and doesn’t let anyone try to demean him.

There are a ton of great characters in this book. The stepmother is perfectly executed. The half-brother is someone I hope she writes another story about. The half-sister is spoiled, but so peppy. The father is the strong, silent, brooding type. The love interests are well, interesting.

There is one thing I wish the author had done differently. I think the book could have started later. We get lot of chapters of backstory in the beginning for both of our main characters. I would have loved to see this history and the pain of it be revealed in either a conversation between the main characters or a flashback that occured while they were together. I think they would have strengthened their connection and highlighted the insecurities those events created.

Overall, this is a great regency read. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the genre and I’m excited to check out more of Fixsen’s work! Happy reading, my friends!


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