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Review Tuesday – So Rare A Gift

Posted By on November 1, 2016 in In The Writing | 0 comments


For today’s review, I’m going back to one of my favorite genres, historical fiction. Specifically, the civil war era with So Rare a Gift by Amber Lynn Perry.


Anna is running from her father and an arranged marriage. She sails to America where she winds up in the protection of Henry, an ex-British soldier. All the while, the two keep dangerous secrets from each other that come to light as their feelings deepen and the threats against them strengthen.

Perry’s books really draw you in. She gives a great insight into the hearts of the people during this tumultuous time and into the clash of serving King vs. serving the cause. I loved watching Anna learn to bask in her freedom and give up her riches. I thought Henry was a great male character. He was always a gentlemen with Anna and treated her with respect. I liked that they both sacrificed for their relationship. I didn’t love all of the secrets between them. Some were necessary, but some of them seemed really pointless. (Anna should have known how obvious it would be she didn’t know a thing about housekeeping and owned it). I also think the truth of Anna’s brother and his link to the rest of the characters was kind of glossed over. The effects of that would have been a stronger and after all of Anna’s searching, she would have wanted a more thorough version of the truth.

However, this is one of those stories that sticks with you. I can remember pretty much every detail. Perry’s writing is personal and has a lot of depth. I don’t think this one was as stunning and enveloping as the first two books in this series, but it is still an amazing read you’ll remember. Happy reading, friends!

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