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The Wait

Posted By on November 20, 2015 in In The Writing | 0 comments

I know, I know! I did let slip some time ago that my book would be released mid-November and now we are past mid and heading toward the end. Update: we are working hard to get it released asap. I promise! I am not trying to build anticipation, in fact I’m dying of it! So very, very soon I will have a specific release date. I was going to release my first chapter, but (once again) I’m trying to save you from this insanity-inducing anticipation. The minute I have a release date is the minute I will release my first chapter so you will know the date you can continue the story and start feeling the anticipation. (See, I’m nice, but not that nice).

A bonus of this publishing delay is that the wait between book one and two shrinks every day. Book two is progressing and should be ready for beta readers by the end of the year. So there are some positives here (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

When all of this happens, it will happen fast: website updates, release date, and a facebook author page. It will all be coming soon…and we’re doing our best to make it worth the wait!

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