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Review Tuesday – Pimpernel

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I know I just recently read and reviewed a Sheralyn Pratt book, King of the Friend Zone. I had liked that one so much, I went looking for her other books and found, Pimpernel.Pimpernel by [Pratt, Sheralyn]

This such a different, amazing read. There is romance, but it is really secondary to every other crazy thing going on. Our main character is a college-age student caught up in a conspiracy. The Pimpernel comes in to help save her, but, first, she’s has to help him catch the other players in the scheme.

This book has an Ocean’s Eleven feel to it. There is a ton of intrigue and an amazing, unique cast of characters. I loved the main character, Claire. She was overly brilliant, almost to the point of being socially awkward. Her mind automatically maps everything, so she is an expert in body language, especially facial mapping. She is a complex, yet believable character. I stayed up late to finish this one, because you’re just waiting for Claire to step up and become the amazing, strong person you see underneath. Jack was a great character too. He was tough overall, but the ultimate good guy.

This book had disguises and crazy technology galore. It had great dialogue. It had an interesting and compelling storyline. It had a non-predictable plot. It had everything you’d want in a weekend read. I would recommend this book for guys and girls alike, although I already ruined it for my husband when I told him all about it. Sorry! I guess I better stop before I ruin it for you too! This one’s a keeper! Happy reading, my friends!

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